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Welcome to QTF Consulting

Igniting passion, optimizing potentials!

  • Calender Training Program 2017...

    Calender Training Program 2017 August...

    Calender Training Program 2017 August 2017 Master NLP Practioner (14-18 August 2017) July 2017 Basic NLP Practioner (24-28 July 2017) April 2017 [...]

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    Calender Training Program 2017
  • NLP Certification in November...

    Assalam n good day Would...

    Assalam n good day Would u like to be d best that u can be? Would u like to influence [...]

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    NLP Certification in November 2016
  • Master NLP Certification...

    Master NLP Certification Details : Date...

    Master NLP Certification Details : Date : 5 December – 9 December 2016 (Monday-Friday) Place : Bangi/Putrajaya  Time : 8.00 Pagi [...]

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    Master NLP Certification



We commit ourselves to research and bring our clients only proven techniques.



We facilitate behavioral change in individuals by having them transform their hearts and minds.



We focus on guiding individuals to move forward in their personal and professional lives.

Ready to take your company to the next level?

QTF Consulting is a training provider which consists of a group of passionate and committed trainer/coaches who are NLP Practitioners from diverse backgrounds dedicated to bring transformations to organizations via coaching and training methodology. Our approach towards behavioural change stems from our believe that everyone can succeed if they choose to. By rekindling our intellectual and affective nature, excellence is just a matter of choice. Our modules are an integrated learning system which takes into consideration all aspects of excellence whether in thinking or in action


QTF Consulting Holding Values

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Who you’ll be learning from

These are just a few of the stellar passionate and committed trainer/coaches in QTF Consulting.


Azlan Chulan

Founder and Principal Consultant

Ungku Azlan Shah Ungku Chulan is the founder and principal consultant of QTF Consulting Sdn. Bhd. Being in the corporate training sector for the past 14 years, he has […]


Norliza Othman

Service Industry Specialist

Norliza Othman is an Associate Trainer with QTF Consulting Sdn. Bhd. and based in Penang. She has been involved in the wellness industry for about 20 years and […]


Norhuda Mahadi

Profiling Consultant

Siti Norhuda Datuk Mahadi has 12 years of experience in the customer service training including marketing, communication and negotiation skills. Being in the multinational corporate industry for 10 years gives […]


Coach Foo Chuen Yong

Certified ICF Coach

Yong is curious about understanding people. He wants to understand what motivates them and what makes them ‘tick’ . He believes […]


Hanafiah Isa

Change Management Specialist

Hanafiah Mohd Isa is a strong Think-out-of-the-Box facilitator, a charismatic leader and an innovative team player with the ability to engage audiences. He also poses a distinct ability […]


Coach Hafizzul Ismail

Professional MC

Hafizzul Hashimi Dato’ Ismail is a professional MC who has a deep passion in empowering people. Being in the training and development sector for the past 14 years, coach Hafizzul […]




Experience in the  corporate  training  sector.



have been conducted to thousands of people around the country.



QTF Consulting has conducted courses in Malaysia and Brunei.



have participate in courses conducted by QTF Consulting.

Companies that partner with us for training